About me:

My work shares my values, experiences I find wholesome, or reflections on what I find a little lacking in the world we’ve built. I believe that good furniture creates good positive behavior, and this involves more than a relationship held at a distance: It’s not just what we read about, or are told, or pictures that we can view online. With furniture, the discovery process is in the hands of the user. It means so much more to you when you discover something by your own agency, versus whatever is force fed.

Making furniture lets me spend time reevaluating the types of furniture we have in our homes, why they look and act the way they do, and what kinds of tools and skills I have to respond with. I know that some are convinced that design is for solving world problems, but I personally feel that design is for sharing what’s up with you. My furniture is a record of what’s been on my mind and makes me happy.

I hold a MFA in furniture design from RISD, and a Bachelor of Architecture from Cooper Union. I am currently working as a woodworker in Philadelphia.